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Founding & funding a company, nurturing connections and the force of grief with Happily.io Founder Sarah Shewey

In this episode, we meet Sarah Shewey, founder and CEO of happily.io. This conversation we have is one that’s going to linger with me for a long time. We talk about how important connectivity is with the people within our companies and within our families, and how we check in with those around us. We […]

Thriving & Surviving after breast cancer, taking care of yourself and living with great joy with Christine Egan

Friends, today we’re talking to Christine Egan. Christine is a breast cancer survivor, a mom of three, and a wife who is redefining how we think about the word “healthy” – and that’s where you’ll find her online. Everything that Christine does is in alignment with taking impeccable care of yourself and being fully immersed […]

Growing into multiple careers in one organization, the loss of her father and the unexpected journey into being vegan with Sharada Sullivan

In this episode, we sit down with Sharada Sullivan who is the Sr Director, Finance – GWS North Division at CBRE a global commercial real estate firm and a wife & mom. So frequently we think that in order to advance we need to change jobs and make radical shifts; Sharada shares her experience of […]


Upstate Social co-founder Danielle Raymo shares about creating community the Rochester Brainery and doing work you love – A Real Women in Buisness interview with Cass McCrory

In this episode we talk to Danielle Raymo. Founder & Owner of Rochester Brainery and Co-founder of Upstate Social which is taking place here in Rochester, NY October 3rd and 4th. We talk about how it feels to juggle and wear so many different hats and where the joy exists in all of it. We […]


Meditation, building breathe yoga and presence in life with Cyndi Weis – A Real Women in Buisness interview with Cass McCrory

In this episode, we meet Cyndi Weis, the owner of Breathe, a yoga studio, juice bar, and retail haven with locations across the upstate New York area. We talk about meditation practices, the hardest lessons we have to learn, and the quote that inspired her entire trajectory with her business. Cyndi, a former dietician with […]