About our Podcast

How the podcast came to be:  Cass McCrory was curious. Working with executives in large enterprises, growing businesses and small businesses she had questions for the women she encountered. Mainly: How are you doing this (looking around at the expanse of leading a full life while leading in business)? Does it feel good? How did you get here? What do you want to do next? How have you prioritized? Where would you do things differently? What bricks are you laying for the next generation?
Academia, Enterprises, Government – they all have initiatives that bring gender equality to the forefront and we need to showcase how women are doing it – we must take back the curtain and reveal how the balance of work and life is being achieved and have an opportunity to showcase role models. Not because they are doing it perfectly.  Not because it will be a model someone can duplicate precisely. But because when we showcase how others are doing it we create space for everyone to do it their own unique way and be inspired to adapt and iterate on their own experience.
Who is this podcast for: Women and the people that want to have a better understanding of how women are approaching the dynamics of living a full and happy life they love with a component of that life being meaningful work.
A word about our guests: Real Women in Business guests are just that Real Women and our podcast is a judgement free zone. We ask for honesty, candor and discretion and for our time together to feel like a conversation among admiring colleagues. This podcast acts as the brick-work we’re laying for future generations of women in leadership roles.

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