Listen in as Cass McCrory talks to Real Women in Business about the work, curating full lives and defining success as individuals.

Working with executives in large enterprises, growing businesses and small businesses Cass McCrory had questions for the women she encountered. Mainly: How are you doing this (looking around at the expanse of leading a full life while leading in business)? Does it feel good? How did you get here? What do you want to do next? How have you prioritized? Where would you do things differently? What bricks are you laying for the next generation?

We answer those questions and more in this podcast.

In this episode, we meet Jenny Bjerken, a business owner who manages a team of over 500 leaders for Young Living Essential Oils. We talk about everything from running a multi-level marketing business to the power of trying and the importance of feeling, especially in the aftermath of divorce.

Jenny credits the blogosphere for kick-starting her career and introducing her to her current position. Passionate about uplifting people to their true potential, she reflects on how she finds community in the workplace and her approach to conquering the unknown.

You can find Jenny on Instagram @jennybjerken and @jennyleebjerken on Facebook. To find out more about Young Living reach out to Jenny.

You can purchase You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero, at a bookseller near you.

In this episode, we meet Brianna Firestone, an entrepreneur and director of marketing and strategy insights. She founded The School of Betty, a place created for women to learn how to creatively manage their money, time, and energy for more fulfilling lives. We cover Bri’s journey from a recent college graduate to different turns her career path took in different seasons of life. We talk about the baggage we carry around with us, the value in finding a true community, and the importance of financial literacy – not Accounting 101, but the real-life work of managing money and happiness.

Bri reflects on moving to New York when she was 21 to pursue a passion of hers, the role of her upbringing in how she thinks about money, and the value in allowing yourself to dream. She shares the single realization that started her full-time hustle, The School of Betty: “All of these lightbulbs went off and I truly had this magical experience of connecting the dots between emotions and our money and finally had the moment where I realized I wasn’t happy.”


You can find The School of Betty online at, on Instagram @theschoolofbetty, and on Facebook @bettyschool.

If you’re curious about Mondo Beyondo, visit Andrea Scher’s website here:

In this episode, we meet Suzi Russell, a nurse, mother, educator, and nurturer. A lifelong nurse, Suzi is also a local producer and director of community theatre. She talks about the different seasons of her career and the space that it took to create it, and shares powerful magic and medicine around what we do with our lives. We cover the convergence of motherhood and professional development, the journey to feeling “enough,” and the power of opening oneself up to learning from others.

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Suzi knew she wanted to become a nurse since she was four years old. She found her place within the professional space within the healthcare field and most recently transitioned to becoming a nurse educator at the local university. “How can I make a difference? How can I make a difference with my colleagues? For my patients? And the answer for me has been to move into education,” she shares. Suzi reflects on the power of asking “what if” questions, the importance of putting yourself first, and how to live a meaningful life.

In this episode, we meet Jennifer Racioppi, a coach and astrologer who works with women on how to maximize their lives, from living in sync with who they really are to maximizing productivity that doesn’t lead to burnout. She works with an astrological lens and calls these important lifestyle shifts the rhythm of success. We talk about the definition of rhythm, the benefits that come with syncing to the moon’s phases, and the two reactions we have to anything we get into.

Formerly involved within the consulting space, Jenn shifted to entrepreneurship in order to create a workflow that works for her and her health. After a personal health crisis in her late teenage years, Jenn embarked on a healing journey that introduced her to working with the lunar cycle. Jenn shares the importance of positive psychology and integrated wellness in her life, what it means to be a velvet hammer and how it can transform your approach to efficiency, and how the “two percent idea” can enact meaningful change in your life.
Connect with Jenn on Instagram @jennracioppi, visit her blog at, and join her for her free 28 Day Moon Cycle Manifestation and Embodiment Challenge beginning in August, a practice designed to amplify your health by harnessing the power of the moon. Register on her website at If you’re curious about an influential book in Jenn’s life, check out Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want by Sonia Choquette at a bookseller near you.

In this episode we chat with Kerri Mulqueen, an Assistant Professor of Education at Manhattan College in the Bronx, New York. She’s had a robust career in education, working as a high school teacher and administrator before shifting towards educating future teachers in her work at an institute of higher education. Kerri shares some amazing insight on the ins and outs of being an educator who teaches future educators and the empowerment that comes from being open to learning throughout your career.

Kerri also reflects on the challenges that she’s faced as a mother with a child with severe food allergies, how she advocates for her son (and models advocacy to others), and the importance of asking for help. She shares the meaning that comes from approaching your career as a process and finding value in being vulnerable.

If you’re curious about Kerri’s book recommendations, check out The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron, and Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit at a bookseller near you.

In this episode, we connect with Molly Hartley, co-owner of Scratch Bakeshop in Rochester, New York. A true self-starter, Molly reflects on her journey to opening her own business, including how she turned her passion into a career. We talk about how she takes care of herself not only as a business owner but as a mother, the importance of pouring love into your work, and she gives us some tools and suggestions for processing stress.

Molly shares how a consistent gratitude practice fits into her self-care routine, the beauty of being vulnerable within the business space, the advice she would give to anyone just starting out, and the importance of taking time to “just be.”

Keep up with Scratch Bakeshop on Instagram @scratchbakeshoproc, like them on Facebook, or visit them online at Curious about the Assisi Institute? Check out for information about their meditation services and spiritual resources.

In this episode, we’re introduced to Elizabeth St John, who comes from a management consulting background and now pursues passion projects. She has made some big career leaps to center mindfulness and purposeful choice in her professional and personal lives. In this episode, she shows us what the tipping points in her career were and the secrets behind crafting a well-cultivated and meaningful life.

Elizabeth graduated from Vanderbilt with a BA in Communications. After realizing her career path wasn’t the right fit, she began working towards creating the change she wanted to see in the world and became a mindfulness coach. She shares the importance of breaking out of your routine, the variability of the human experience, how we can better tap into the things that light us up, and the book that she thinks everyone should read (The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks).

Visit Elizabeth’s webite,, or follow her on Instagram Check out her current passion project @flowercrownmuse. If you’re curious about the book that unlocked Elizabeth’s journey to getting back in touch with herself, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal: A Companion Volume to the Artist’s Way at a bookseller near you. To discover more about the art of grounding, check out Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! by Clinton Ober et al.

Today we meet Hope Eaton, a true inspiration who comes from a rich background in software engineering and the working mother hustle. After reaching the midlife, she decided to pivot and now works as a coach and cognitive hypnotherapist in order to inspire her clients to let go of their self-limiting beliefs and step into more abundant lives. We talk about rapid growth and hypnotherapy and Hope asks a question that may change your world: What do you appreciate about yourself?

Hope shares her journey to embracing her femininity, the importance of learning how to receive love, how the challenges we face can bring us more in touch with ourselves, and the significance of incorporating rest into her routine. “We weren’t meant to always be on,” she says. “It’s time to shut the lights off once in a while.”

You can find Hope online at and keep up with her work at, launching in July.

Interested in the impactful article that caused Hope to think more about the midlife? Check out Brené Brown’s piece, “The Midlife Unraveling” at If you’re curious about learning more about self-compassion, you can find the work of Kristin Neff, including The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook at a bookseller near you.

You can find Grace Smith, a world-renowned hypnotherapist mentioned in today’s episode at If you’re interested in discovering your love language, visit and take the free quiz.

In this episode, we meet Stephanie Hayes, a business strategist and coach who works with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs and specializes in growth strategy. We talk about the difference you feel from friction to alignment, how to give yourself permission to ask for what you want, and this idea that “should” actually means “I wish I didn’t have to.”

Stephanie has worked in the entrepreneur and small business space for her entire career and found her place as a strategist. She shares the key to having balance in your life, what the Four Pillars of Passion are and how they can reconfigure your approach to success. She reflects on the challenges of being a working parent and her approach to what it means to fail in the business world.

To connect with Stephanie, visit her website or follow her on Instagram If you’re interested in learning more about alignment in your business strategy, join Stephanie on June 12th for a free live workshop, “Do This, Not That! A 6-Step No-BS Framework for Growing a Business You Actually Like in 2019” at 11 AM PST. Register on her website at


In this episode, we meet Danyelle Hildreth, a savvy businesswoman who has cultivated vast experience in the hospitality industry and the corporate world. She’s an adjunct professor in hospitality sales and marketing, has a master’s degree in service management, and in that space she’s evolved her business to be in a consulting practice. We cover why Danyelle considers herself to be wired for work, the value of figuring it out as you’re going along, and being intentional in the process.

Danyelle shares how her career changed after starting a family, reflects on creating a work-life balance, and reveals what she would tell herself when she started her own business, including the importance of asking for help. “I think we constantly try to be more,” she says. “If you keep wanting more things, you’re never going to be satisfied. You have to really learn to enjoy and appreciate what you have.”

You can follow Danyelle on Twitter @DanyelleCara, or learn more about her consulting company, MESH Consulting, by visiting their website,, or liking them on Facebook.

In this episode, we meet Terri Trespicio, an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand-advisor. She’s a true powerhouse, having hosted a radio show, worked as a copywriter and magazine editor, and appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Martha Stewart Show. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, talking about everything from the power of raising your hand, how to ensure you’re always moving in the right direction, and what Terri means by “the work.”

Terri has always been a writer and was awarded a MFA in poetry from Emerson College in Boston. She’s passionate about helping anyone who has something to share, and believes that paying close attention to the things you enjoy doing is the best gift you can give yourself. “Don’t worry about ‘How am I going to sell this? Who will pay for this?’” she says. “When you become very good at a skill you lose yourself in, there will be opportunities.”

To keep up with what Terri’s up to and connect with her, visit her website ( or follow her on Instagram @ttrespicio, or on Twitter @TerriT. To watch her TEDx Talk, which has been viewed over 4 million times, visit

This week, we meet Vidhi Goel, the director of product marketing at a very successful e-clinical firm. However, her career is only part of the story. In this episode, we talk about what she studied in school, her childhood traveling across the globe with her family, and how she defines “success” today.

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Norway and Indonesia, Vidhi studied economics and chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded her MBA in marketing and management from Columbia University. While originally thinking she might go to medical school, she ultimately fell in love with marketing and the problem-solving that comes with the field.

Vidhi reflects on achieving a healthy balance between work and family and stresses the importance of maintaining ownership of one’s calendar and time. She shares what she would tell her younger self regarding the definition of success, which country she would move to, and why she firmly believes that work is a facet, but not a defining characteristic, of her life. “You don’t have to run the rat race,” she says. “Just be who you are.”

In this episode, we meet Liz Tinkham, a career-long consultant who describes herself as “pre-tired.” After graduating from Ohio State with a degree in aerospace engineering, Liz worked as a consultant for over thirty years at Accenture. She is a professor at the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business and serves on the boards of several non-profit and for-profit companies. In this interview, Liz shares actionable things she does each week to stay in touch and current, her biggest piece of advice, and how she dealt with a difficult time in her career.

Liz reflects on the most challenging point in her career; after taking the lead on a project that failed “miserably,” she took some time off to regroup. She shares her advice for diving back in full force, what she would have done differently, and what she means when she says she’s like an orange in a bowl of apples.

Connect with Liz on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @LizTinkham. You can read her piece “Last Day at Accenture – Letter to Liz Martin,” which has been viewed over 80,000 times, here.

On the episode of Real Women in Business, we meet Whitney Sabins, a woman who’s always on the move. She’s a mom of two, a business development consultant and entrepreneur. In this episode, we cover the internship that launched Whitney’s career, her journey to find her purpose, and balancing work and family.

After graduating from FIT, Whitney began to build a career in the fashion industry, but after deciding to leave the workforce to raise her first child, she found herself in a new role. A pivotal conversation with her husband inspired her to re-enter the business world, launching a fashion consulting business, and caused her to realize that the path to success is never linear. “Your callings,” she says, “change in every season of life.”

Whitney shares the importance of vulnerability and self-care in the age of social media, the wisdom she’s learned from her parents, and what she wants her daughter to know. We cover the importance of communication in marriage and the challenges that come with being a working mother.

You can find Whitney on Instagram @wsabins, connect with her on LinkedIn (Whitney Bragg-Sabins), or reach her via email at to book a consultation.

What do you do when you reach all of your goals at the same time? Today’s guest, Shelby Ruane, found herself having to make a difficult decision after landing a promotion and getting into graduate school.

In today’s episode, Shelby, who now works as a Marketing Director for Inclusion and Diversity at Accenture, reflects on the challenges of goal-setting, the beauty of not having a plan, and how she finds joy.

In her long career at Accenture, Shelby has held a myriad of roles within the field of marketing and communications, and has worked overseas in a host of European countries. She shares her greatest advice for young women in business, and reveals her perspective on “having it all.” “You can do it all, just not at the same time.”

You can buy the book Shelby most recommends, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry by Jon Ronson, at a bookstore near you.

You can connect with Shelby:

In this episode, we meet Jenn Collins, a real estate agent, mother, and wife based in the Bay Area. Jenn began her professional career in financial services in south Florida. After moving back to California in the early 2000s, she started working in commercial real estate and opened a yoga studio with her husband. After having her two daughters, she decided to return to work, where she now works in residential real estate.

Jenn shares her secrets to genuinely connecting with people, a foolproof technique to starting great conversations, no matter where you are, the practice that makes her days better, and how she knows she’s wired for work. A woman who has worn many hats over the course of her career, Jenn reflects on the importance of vision boards, finding the joy in every day, and balancing work and family. She’s a strong force for good who firmly believes in the benefits of staying positive, no matter what.

You can find the full description of the F.O.R.D. technique here:, and check out the book behind Jenn’s desire to stay positive, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, at a bookseller near you.

Find more about Jenn Collins here: